Art in Unusual Places

Art in Unusual Places began in 2008 as a way to bring art to the public in a very different format. It was thought that viewing art in places other than galleries would help viewers to see the location as an enhancement of the art. In other words, it would open up the possibilities of “art” and “location” as artistic partners. The first Art in Unusual Places was held in a funeral home, Cannon Cleveland. Art of all kinds showed beautifully in the chapel with its vaulted ceiling, stone walls and hardwood floors. In 2013, the location became Piedmont Henry Hospital under the theme – “Art of Healing”. Paintings are placed in the hallways and waiting areas of the hospital’s Emergency Department and stay in place for six months when new pieces are brought in to display. Every year we select new “unusual” places, as well as the permanent location at the Hospital.

Depot Water logued by Sue

The beauty of Art in Unusual Places exhibits is that the world of art is being opened to so many more people than just those who visit art galleries and museums.